Sunday, October 9, 2011

Great Grandparents in Mapleton

Great Grandpa Collin and Great Grandma Peggie came up to see us... Of course Gwen had G-gpa helpin her on the trampoline. And Caroline got some snuggles with G-gma, though she was sick (again) and didn't enjoy herself.

and then they had us at their place in Mapleton for a few days. Gwen had time to see horses and bunnies
and of course, visit the lil hideout across the homemade bridge (that her daddy helped build when HE was a kid, incidentally),
and... get into equipment that she shouldn't.

Funny train of photos because you can see the drama when G-gpa told her she shouldn't be kneeling in there or touching it because of the oil and dirt. He gently pulled her away. and she bawled. had to hug mama. then she wouldn't hold g-gpa's hand again until he helped her forget that she was upset at him by showing her some wild berries. She's such a drama queen.

There were blackberries for picking

and playing time with G-gma

G-gma with Caroline... still sick, I should add.
and Gwen happy as can be with a lego super gun that some more "cousins" helped her build.
A really great time!!!!

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