Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the cabin: the river

man, I have sooooo many fabulous photos from the cabin this time around, partly because my MIL sent me the gorgeous pics she took as well. I think THIS post will be all about the river and the next will be everything else.

The colors were softly vibrant (is that an oxymoron?) with gorgeous slate and cornflower blues contrasting against warm golden yellows with some grey-white and sage green all mixed in there too. A color scheme I TRULY adore. I think it is so peaceful. and the location was intoxicatingly peaceful too, not just the color scheme. and I'm trying to select only my fave photos to share.Gwen and Grandpa
Grandma and Gwen
Gwen was drawn to the water, not surprisingly. Keep in mind that we were in the mountains, kinda cold water and all. But she was undaunted. She wanted to get in. What began as a shoes and socks off endeavor quickly became pants and then shirt off adventure. If she had been allowed, she'd have stripped off her diaper too and gotten even more soaked. Her toes were purple by the time we got her out (not that she came out willingly), but she loved it all the same. She wanted to go back, but we never got time again after that. She is kind of a fish. It is cute.

while still fully clothed.
Me and Caroline
Eric flyfishing--- such a beautiful sport. I love the line shining through the air.
Gwen was captivated too.

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