Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the cabin: everything else

on the porch

Blowing bubbles with Aunt Elise
Goin on a bike ride, Eric and Gwen jogging alongside for a spell.
"Cuz, I'm just so sad cuz I want my mama"... be assured, I did return from the bike ride. Until then, luckily Gwen had an 'empathetic' daddy.
Typical Gwen. Silly.
Gwen is cute from behind
Gwen and Grandpa
Grandma with sickie Caroline. When the babe was struggling for sleep, Mama Allan had the magic touch. Baby Whisperer.


  1. Hey Elisa! Those are some great Gwen faces.

    The farm is called The Maize. I think there is a link in the post. Season passes are $20 per person (which really wouldn't be worth it this late in the season) but we got them on groupon, 2 for 1 back in Sept.

  2. Isn't it wonderful to be so loved!!!?