Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas goodies... and the guilty dilemma

Since Christmas gift goodies tend to be sweet, we opted for something different this year. Wanted to "spice it up"... LOL, literally! I got this idea for potpourri satchels that you can simmer on the stove during the entire holiday season from my MIL last year. Thought it was so fabulous, that we started saving and dehydrating our orange peels as soon as 2011 began. They definitely piled up on us, but it was worth it. Because the cost and work for these was greatly diminished. :) and they still look and smell amazing!
After I made a treat for the gals I visit, the gals the visit me, my companion, the families Eric visits, his companion, the families that visit us, the members of Eric's presidency (Eric's calling), the members of the choir (my calling), and the people I see on a regular basis for play dates with Gwen... seriously like 75% of our ward congregation is getting a Christmas gift! Um, that only leaves me a lil worried about the remaining 25%... I mean, it isn't like they aren't my friends too, I just had to draw the line some where, right? Should I even be worried about this? (and when I say worried, please understand that I'm not losing sleep or overwhelmed with stress, I just keep thinking about it. I'm still happy, just concerned at the same time). I just don't want to hurt anybody's feelings or miss out on an opportunity to make someone feel included who might not otherwise... that would REALLY make me feel bad. If you are reading this and you DIDN'T get a treat, PLEASE KNOW THAT I STILL LOVE YOU AND VALUE OUR FRIENDSHIP! Whew. There. Hopefully all friendships remain intact. :) Anybody else relate to this dilemma?


  1. I never know where to stop my list of people to take goodies to either. It's definitely hard. There have been a few times that someone has brought us goodies who weren't on my list. I always make sure to keep a few extra loaves of chocolate bread on hand to quickly reciprocate. I don't think people are actually offended though. I never am if I don't get something from someone. There are always plenty of goodies to go around. :) Your potpourri idea is fabulous! The sweets can be overwhelming, so it's nice to get something different once in awhile. Merry Christmas!

  2. Are you the choir director?! Oh I wish we still lived there to learn from you in that calling!! This made me all sorts of nostalgic about your wonderfully thoughtful Christmas goodies. Wish we were close enough to trade love-gifts, but I at least sent you a Christmas letter. :) Love and miss you!!

  3. Um...where's my satchel? That's it: I now have to terminate our internet friendship.

    But only kidding. Not kidding though about how that's an awesome idea. Saving peels through all of 2011? Serious dedication! I'm amazed.

  4. LOL Elisa you are too cute! I feel like though that I got one of your goodies:) Now I feel special. Have a Merry Christmas.