Thursday, December 1, 2011

Big Surprise-- check out this video!

Thankful. and this is not just a Thanksgiving post.

But I guess it is that too.
notice the lil Gwen hand in the bottom right corner... stealing a roll! What a character!

Gwen has been struggling with praying lately. So after much thought and prayers of my own, this is what I've come up with. Our fridge is covered with images of things she loves or that we do regularly. Every day before bed, we select applicable pictures and carry them upstairs on her prayer cookie sheet so she can be specific about thanking Heavenly Father for daily blessings. It has helped immensely to make prayers more meaningful, more from her (rather than us just telling her what to say), and I think it helps her to be grateful. I'm grateful for the Spirit's guidance.
What I'm really grateful for, though, was a couple of nights ago, just before bedtime. I was doing dishes and prepping the kitchen for nighttime, when I heard delightful laughing coming from BOTH my girls at the same time. By the time I got my camera out, the laughing had pretty much stopped, but there are still happy noises. I am delighted that they love each other so much. My heart took a picture and I just felt so content and happy. Truly this was a moment that makes motherhood worth it.
oh, and guess what? these 4 crawling steps are Caroline's VERY FIRST crawls! How random and wonderful is it that I was lucky enough to be filming? She is still mostly army crawling, but for Gwen, she pulls out the big guns! :)


  1. Holy cow! More changes going on so quickly!

  2. That is a genius idea, and I fully plan on stealing it in a few years. Thanks for sharing! On a side note, Kris and I babysat a 3-year-old a while back and she said the most beautiful, heartfelt prayer I'd ever heard. Then, when she was done, she looked straight at me and said, "When my mom's around I say silly prayers. But when I'm alone, I say real prayers." We laughed a lot about that later and had to tell her mom that the real prayers were happening too. :)

  3. sooo cute!!! Gwen's laugh there for a moment could have been Caleb, I swear. haha this Christmas is gonna be fun!

  4. I am so glad you timed it right to video her first crawling motions! How fun! I need to video my kids when they are laughing together, because just like you said it is the best thing! I love hearing more and more of it as they get older too. It really does make motherhood worth it. Love and miss you!