Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cupcakes with Young Women

I'm not in teaching in Young Women anymore, which was a challenging adjustment for me because I loved it soooooo much and I really miss these amazing gals. So when I was asked to teach the YW some cake decorating skills for a Wed night activity, I was more than happy to hang out with these awesome ladies (thank you Eric for being willing to fly solo at bedtime so I could do this)! 

Check out some of the talent--like the above fondant cupcake designed by Sarah V.!

Those aren't my hands, that is Nicole B. mastering flowers and leaves!

 Becca S. liked the eggs in the grass the best!

 Hailey B. designed a lovely flower cupcake

 These are either Ashley J or Karianne D's adorable creations... not sure to whom the credit belongs, but they sure are cute!
 Orawan W. was focused and precise. Her first time decorating cupcakes!
 Gina F. wanted her 'lawn' to be the perfect length...if only my grass were this green and luscious!
The whole crowd, showing off our edible creations! So much fun and ya'll did a great job! Beautiful!


  1. Fun! I always love getting to go back and do stuff with the YW. They are all so talented! I'm impressed! :)