Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lucky Charm!

Dublin takes St. Patty's Day seriously, so we decided to get in on some of the green action! Can you believe we've lived in Columbus for 5 years and never been to the parade? The gals and I remedied that Saturday. Eric had a hospital shift, so we met up with some friends and had a great time!
 green bagels. Free. Fresh from the bakery. Still warm. They were wonderful!

 D with bagel

 B with silly face and M with bagel

 Gwen said these big floats were her favorite part of the parade, besides the candy. I loved the Irish dancers. Caroline liked the dogs and horses. None of my photos of those things turned out. Everything was blurry, or my camera focused on the heads of the people in front of me instead of the parade. Just use your imagination. :)

 The kiddos patiently waiting... this was just before Caroline lost it. After that, she was only content to sit upon my shoulders. 

 And after 45 minutes, I was feelin it! :)

I have to say I was really proud of Gwen's attitude. There was another little girl, not with our group, that bawled the entire time because she wasn't getting enough candy. I felt sorry for her at first, but then even when she GOT something, she'd bawl because she only got one. Gwen, bless her little heart, was THRILLED to show me each and every cheap bubble gum or tootsie roll she got (and she only got 5 total!) as though it was Leprechaun gold! I was happy to see her being positive and genuinely grateful. Her bucket was full and that made mine full too. :) 
We had a great time, the weather was cold but not bitter, it didn't rain on us, and we got great parking. All in all, it was a fabulous way to spend St. Patty's Eve! 

Today we collected Rolos from our successful Leprechaun trap, ate green pancakes and green eggs for breakfast, snacked on green grapes, wore lots of green to church, and enjoyed cabbage, potatoes, and meatloaf for dinner. (why meatloaf, you ask? I know, not exactly Irish... but we had corned beef last year and it was just a little too fatty for my taste. Eric loved it, so I'm sure it is in our future, but not this year). We had a great time! Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you!


  1. It looks like it was a really fun time!

  2. I haven't been online for a while, and your girls are so cute and have grown SOOO much!

    I love the picture on your header. You guys looks great!

    I can't believe those pies! They sound amazing!(ANd look amazing) I am definately interested in the recipes!

  3. Hahaha! Love it! I'm glad your leprechaun trap worked! Also, impressive that you kept that girl up on your shoulders for 45 minutes. Sammy's a runt and I think twenty might be my limit . . . though I've never timed it.

  4. How fun! It looks like you had fun with your cute girles!