Friday, March 6, 2015

my seemingly important (but not really) rant about shopping for modest summer shirts

Perhaps it is the winter blahs. Perhaps it is my deep deep craving for bright colors and warm weather. Perhaps I'm just going stir-crazy but don't feel like braving the mall with 3 kids. Perhaps I just want a change and have that itch to purchase something but don't ACTUALLY want to spend-- clarification, don't HAVE-- money to spend.

Perhaps ALL of the above reasons would explain why I spent some time today looking for summer clothing online.

I consider myself a reasonable shopper, but apparently I'm asking too much. Because everything I find has something I DON'T like. Here's what I'm NOT looking for:
  • Not tanktops. I want sleeves  (Yes, I will probably resort to wearing some tank tops with jackets over or shirts under... but seriously, I would love to only need ONE shirt because layering gets so stinkin hot in the summer!) 
  • Not long sleeves/sweaters. Seriously? summer, guys. SUMMER. 
  • Not workout clothes. I want to look like I care (though I have to admit I might sneak in a day or 3... or 5... with stretchy capris and a comfy workout shirt!)
  • Not tunic/shapeless. I want a nice fit (the currently trending flowy tunic shirts just DON'T work for busty women, much as I wish they did). Just can't do tents, comfy as they are.
  • Not blouse/restrictive. Great for church, but what about the rest of the week? I want comfortable and casual so I can be active and play with my kids. 
  • Not just a solid colored under tee. I want some kind of embellishment or design so, again, it looks like I care. And preferably not this tight either. Don't get me wrong, I love the clingy/tight under tees for wearing UNDER things, but if that is all I've got on...ya know. I think I don't need to be shrink-wrapped. :)
Guess what I discovered?

Every single cute shirt that I know would be flattering to my body type is either
out of stock
(like the above shirt or the cute mustard polka dot shirt below which I would NEVER get anyway because it was 225 dollars before it sold out!)
or made for Asians

who, apparently don't get larger than a size S/M in US sizes

but who, apparently, REALLY know how to make modest look fashionable!

So in other words, in an alternate reality, choosing summer clothes would be simple. :)


  1. Okay, I really like that white shirt! what site is that?

  2. Have you tried

    They do a lot of modest clothing and you can usually find some cute things there. If you sign up for emails you can get a few promo codes every now and then.

    I think this would be cute on you:

  3. Hilarious! And so true. I feel like getting cost, modesty, and cuteness to happen all at once is just asking too many stars to align. I think everyone has this problem, right? I'm totally the opposite of busty, but I can't ever find anything that fits right either. Seriously, I'm like someone cut two different people apart and stitched half of each back together (this booty was NOT meant to go with this top). Try buying clothes to fit that. Ha! I appreciate this rant :)

  4. Turns out, Chinese people wear really small clothes...