Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lovely Kiddo Projects

Did ya'll miss me?
I finally got a camera to replace our busted one. So now I can share my ordinarily entertaining days with you again!
First up: here are 2 projects I've done with the girls that I love! 
Doily Heart T-shirts
Original idea from cuttingtinybites. I bought solid colored shirts from a consignment store. I hoped to go cheapest and get them at Volunteers of America, but there weren't any shirts without designs on them. Oh well. It was still cheaper than brand new. :) I forgot to get a pic of the doily painting part. This is after the doilies are removed and we added pink 'jewel' accents.
Caroline got lots of help for this project. She couldn't squeeze the tubes with enough control to get the paint out in nice dots. 

Gwen wanted dots all over the place and even added a cute smiley face!
The hardest part was waiting the 24 hours to let the shirts dry! These girls were SO EAGER to try on their new shirts!
Dinosaur Valentines
These were so fun and easy! Adorable. The girls each got to keep one, the rest we sent on to Grandparents with lots of love. 

Gwen informed me that the baby is following her mommy and daddy dinosaur. 

Caroline loved em all!

I love all the fun things to do for holidays!

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