Friday, February 12, 2016

Lovely Valentines Decor Projects

I've had way too much fun sprucing up our home for Valentine's Day this year! I can't seem to stop doing little projects!
I made this cute wall of free V-tines printables using thrift store frames. Gwen decorated those doilies and I wanted to use them around the house! Printables from Yellowblissroad, 18twentyfive, the36thavenue, and theredheadedhostess.   
Completed this adorable free printable candy hearts banner from sandytoesandpopsicles.
Found this 'house' at the thrift store and new it would be adorable for the girls little pet shops and princesses to have a Valentine's cottage especially for them! Painted it white then added in scrapbook paper to each hole. 
Burlap and felt heart inspired by Embellishinglifeeveryday.
Speaking of embellishing, check out Gwen's work on that doily!

These pink rose topiaries were inspired by the Idearoom.

Now I just need to finish up the simple peasant dress I'm making for Gwen (pink and green argyle-- so cute!) since she doesn't have a good V-tines dress and I'll be 'set' on the projects! Then I can add some more, or start on my St.Patty's decor, or begin their Easter dresses, or work on my spring hexie quilt for our bed! So many options! I LOVE having a project (or projects!) in the works! What are YOU working on these days?


  1. Lots of love in our house this month. It's been super fun.