Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fishy Fishy Turtle!

Family fishing adventure!
Prairie Oaks Metro Park was not so jumpin the morning of our fishing venture weeks ago. At least it wasn't scorching hot (like it is now!). and the chiggers weren't out in full force (like they were last year!). I'll take both those things for a win. :)

Emmett cried and ate grapes. Don't you love the stickers all over his shirt? He insisted.

Caroline played with our bait worms. "See! He loves me mom!" 
She thought she'd share the love by letting my arm feel how slimy he was.Thanks for that.  

Gwen was the only one of the kids really interested in actually fishing. 
She got skunked... almost! The only thing we caught all day was a very determined turtle! He kept coming closer to the line, so we'd have Gwen reel it in and cast in a different spot. He would find it again. And again. Finally he got a mouthful... Not the reward he was hoping for, I'm sure!

Warms my heart: Gwen is finding perfect little tiny pebbles for Emmett to throw in.

 He could "THROW IT!" all morning long...

Emmett's distress when it is time to go! (or actually, when we ask for a smiling photo)

Bonus: no one threw up any chocolate milkshakes, so that means we had a successful trip!!!

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  1. Although I'm sure it was a little bit trying, the photos of Emmett crying make me smile. Deja vu!!