Monday, October 10, 2016

Way Up High in the Apple Tree...

I LOVE the country life! Perhaps because I grew up rural, perhaps because I adore nature and feel closest to God when I'm immersed in His marvelous creations, perhaps because it puts materialism in perspective, perhaps because the noisy kids can run around and be crazy and it is easily absorbed into the great canopy of a wide open sky....
Whatever the combination of reasons, I find fall harvests really bring me joy!
This year our annual trip to Lynds for Cortlands and Jonathans (our favorite combo for apple sauce) was sans Eric. He was in Boston for a RadOnc Conference. Poor guy missed the fun! I was a little worried the kids might make it stressful without Eric there, but I didn't have any escapees. :) We had a great time!
 There was some drama about climbing trees, but once we got past the first hurdle of squalling tears and "I can't! Don't make me!" (which was an interesting accusation considering she ASKED me to help her climb the trees multiple times!), Gwen realized she was more than capable and became our veteran tree climber! She was so proud of getting the highest, sun-kissed red apples from the top boughs.

 Emmett couldn't actually pull them off. He needed help. Right after I snapped this shot he gave up and proceeded to pick up semi-rotten ones off the ground. 

 Caroline only picked one or two for our bag. She designated herself as the bag-sitter and worked on devouring this (and other!) huge apples.

 Gwen was very pleased with herself and her haul. 

 Gorgeous fruit. 

 Emmett has two apples in his hands, see that? And he ate them both down to the core. He kept coming back and plucking good apples from our bags (our bag-sitter Caroline didn't even notice!) once he realized they were superior to the ones on the ground. He was pretty sure we were collecting them just for him!

 Gwen perched up on a branch. These are her go-to shoes for school and outdoor play. They kind of make me chuckle. 

Sibling snuggles. These two usually fight, so I love the rare moments when I capture their contentment together. :)

We had a great time and made delicious apple sauce from our haul! I am going to miss Lynds. This was our last visit. 


  1. This looks like so much fun! What beautiful apples on the trees! Such a great experience to be with family and personally get to harvest your 'haul'! I'm so glad the kids got to enjoy this experience and am sad this was your last time! I know you'll find such a place in your new hometown!