Saturday, November 12, 2016

Catchup: including Halloween and Election Day zoo excursion

What do you call the red sauce in a squeezable bottle that is required for fries and hot dogs?

Cat-sup? Ketch-up? Catch-up? 

Small tangent, but I always think of hotdogs when I say the words "catch up". Because that happens to be how I pronounce the sauce too. :) But since that isn't the point of this post, I'll move on from that random tidbit. :)

Flashback to the end of last month: Halloween pics that I never shared for family to enjoy!
Gwen was Toothless, Caroline was Batgirl and Emmett was a skeleton (by default because it was in his box already and I knew he wouldn't have a special request. Gotta take advantage of those years while they last, right?)
Gwen's wings and tail detach completely from the outfit, so even after Halloween she has been at liberty to wear the Toothless hoodie to school. She loves it!
Caroline wanted to be a super hero and finally settled on Batgirl because she originally wanted to be Batman but wanted to be cute too. Hence the tutu. 
Emmett ended up loving his skeleton-- which turns out to glow in the dark!-- and has requested it for pjs a few times since wearing it for Halloween. 

 Daddy got busy eating the remaining candy after all the trunk or treaters had come around twice already. 
 Halloween night was pleasant! No extra coats required. Kids were so excited to go trick-or-treating! Gwen might look sort of creepy in this pic; she is trying to get her Toothless eyes in the picture. And yes, they are wearing all black costumes. We didn't plan it that way. We went out before it got dark. Don't worry, Grandma Sugar, we were safe!
 After collecting their own candy, Gwen really wanted to be a big girl and hand out candy to the kids still coming around. She volunteered to sit on the steps and hand out with a smile. Of course anything Gwen is going to do, Emmett wants to do too. :) He did say, "Ew gross" about ten times because he was in such close proximity to our already rotting carved pumpkins! lol
 Jumping ahead: Election day trip to the zoo! Kids had no school that day and the weather was really nice. Since the following day (Gwen's birthday) was not so nice, we decided to make this her special birthday outing after hitting the polls. She chose the train as her special treat! Emmett was so excited!
 Obligatory sitting on sculptures for posed photos. I was honestly impressed that Emmett consented to be in this pic. He is usually a little worried around the sculptures and doesn't like to be far from Mommy.
 One of the things I love best about the zoo is that EVERY time you go, you have a different experience. This time there were 2 highlights. The first was watching and listening to the gibbons put on a show of hoopin and hollerin while we ate our lunch. The other best thing was the manatee house! There were 2 baby manatees who were very active and constantly surfacing to munch more lettuce. There was also a sea turtle who wasn't shy and kept circling the tank along the glass. But Caroline was most excited about this sting ray that swam right up beside her and proceeded to take a nap! Sorry for the blurry pic. I decided to share it anyway because Emmett was in it too. 
Caroline was pretty sure that meant they were the best of pals. :) Emmett just stood so still with his little face pressed up against the glass for what seemed like 20 full minutes (it was probably less than that, but anything more than 2 seems miraculous for that age, right?). We went to the gift shop afterwards and the kids each picked out 75 cent little mini sea creatures with their allowance earnings. Emmett chose a manatee and wants to carry it with him all the time. I told him he couldn't take it to bed (the thing is just too teeny and would get lost!) and he cried and cried. 

But he got over it. He was worn out. :)

Next post will be Gwen's birthday party, which we just successfully enjoyed this morning! 

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