Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Favorite Features

I love Gwen's Baby Blue Eyes
and her cute Pink Tongue.
And, don't tell her!, I think the dimples in her lil bum are adorable!

She loves her feet
and her hands the best, I think.

I love Eric's hazel eyes,
his warm, rough hands,
and his manly jawline.
I don't think he could care less about any of the above. :) He's more interested in having a manly mustache.

Interestingly enough, my favorite features on myself are my slender neck and clavicle, my small wrists, and my large eyes (sometimes... other times they look like bug eyes. It is definitely variable).
I'm sure Eric has his own opinions. I'll spare you. :)

What are your favorite features on yourself? Do you think they are different from the favorites of your loved ones?


  1. I DO know Brianna! Tell her I said HI. She graduated in public health together and had the same classes. I even went to her wedding reception. Small world!

    My brother is moving to Ohio for dental school, but I can't remember which part. Where is Ohio State? Maybe y'all will be in the same area. His name is Kyle Astle.

    So, what part of Mexico are your parents going to? I couldn't tell from the airline websites if ALL flights were cancelled or just SOME. Let me know what you find out. My whole family is dying having to wait this out. We all want to go anyway and take the small risk.

  2. Don't tell Eric, but I don't think he owns a manly!
    I'll agree with you about Gwen's! My favorite feature used to be my hair....before it started going grey...sigh.

  3. I love Christopher's feet (a bit chubby still...but long) and his long!

    Really not sure what I like about myself today...having one of those days. (fat day) :)

  4. Baby features are so fun. I like my smile and my blue eyes. I also think I have cute feet sometimes (when my toes are painted). I also like that I have good skin, especially when I'm tan. :)

  5. I love both of my kids' eyes—Hayden has mine and Rebecca has Ryan's. I love Rebecca's girly eyelashes and chubby thighs. I love Hayden's chin dimple and his little-boy-no-longer-baby-legs.

    I like my eyes. I miss my figure (curse doubled pants sizes). I like my hands, especially since I've started filing my nails.

    I like Ryan's eyes (though I think we've already covered that... They're mostly blue with a light brown ring around the pupil). I like his freckles, though I doubt he knows that. I like his red facial hair, but I appreciate it when he shaves so his whiskers won't scrape me :D .

  6. I like your voice too, Elisa. :) Singing and otherwise. You do a great job at making Gwen laugh...whatever it takes!

  7. Sweet. We are Continental too. I looked up our flight today and it's still good, so we'll see what happens. I just hate that in the back of my mind, I'm disease concious (sp). Not just swine flu, but any kind of disease. annoying!
    Thanks for the comments!

    Also, I never responded to your blog post! But we have the same favorites about ourself! I also like my long hair- it is wavy, but straightens nice and I think I'm lucky.