Monday, April 6, 2009

Love the Color...

My favorite color moments while on vacation visiting my in-laws in Idaho:

Love the Allan home Purple Hyacinths.

Love the newly remodeled tan bathroom-- I felt like I was getting a ritzy hotel shower opp!

Love Gwen's baby blue eyes.Here she is on her tummy... why? Because she ROLLED OVER from her back! She has really nailed down the method. but hates being on her belly after only a short time. we're working on going back the other direction.

Love the yellow flame of birthday candles... and the story behind them too!

Love Jan's April Fool's "Orange Sticks". She was quite the prankster!

Love Mama Allan's golden fresh baked bread.

Love Bryce's white shirt? Or maybe I love the tan color of his skin? okay, that one was a stretch... I just wanted to include this pic of him and Gwen.

Love Papa Allan's black "E" chart during our eye exams. Which resulted in some cute new glasses I'm looking forward to! To be fair to Papa Allan, I ought to include something about loving his camo somethin... but I'm not sure that is honest. :)

Love the silver personally engraved baby spoon from "Aunt" Dee as Gwen tries out her first rice cereal! Sometimes she liked it... but not in this pic!

Love Edward (Gwen's cousin)'s chocolate brown eyes. He sure loved Uncle Eric... but that might be because "Eric" almost sounds like "elk" which was a new word he is learning.

Love Elise's beautiful red hair.

Love the exciting and gutsy spectrum of colors in the set and costuming of Nanny McPhee which I saw for the first time with the fam... and LOVED it! Highly recommend this fun flick if you are bored and need a movie!

Love the absence of silver on Elise's post-braces white teeth!

Love Gwen's cute pink tongue. She is enamored with sticking it out at us every time she smiles!

Love Elise's b-day green bike! Can't wait for summer and another trip out!

It was a great colorful trip guys! Thanks for havin us!


  1. Back already? Looks like you have a fun trip!

  2. How incredibly wonderful! I'm glad you had such a great time. Sounds like this trip was a little easier with Gwen. She is so cute. I love her cute sticky out tongue and gorgeous blue eyes too. Enjoy settling back into your routine!

  3. What a fun way to share your trip! I love Nanny McPhee for the same reason. ;)

  4. Oh, we miss you!!! Can hardly wait for another trip out!dribinse