Saturday, March 20, 2010

Borrowed photos from Allan visit

My MIL is an amazing photographer with a fancy camera to go with her quick reflexes and great eye. She managed to capture some great pictures of Gwen (despite her unpredictable toddler movements) and some of the fam during their weekend visit with us last week during Eric's siblings' spring break. We sure loved having them here, Gwen sure misses all the eager attention, and hopefully you enjoy these glimpses as much as we enjoyed making the memories!

above: night one arrival and Gwen is already excited for guests

went to Graeters, enjoyed the icecream, loved the slide...about a hundred times, in fact

hanging out at home since the weather was yucky. notice the ever-present balls

Grandma and Gwen enjoying If You Give a Mouse a Cookie before bed

also went to the zoo, ate dinner out twice, and let Gwen play with this cute basset hound at the petstore. See how she holds out her arms with her elbows nearly together and her hands splayed out? that means she wants to hold him. So cute. (we won't talk about how he got a lil excited and nipped her arm. Gwen was NOT interested in giving loves to anything but the turtle after that)


  1. Gwen suddenly looks so much older in that top collage!

  2. Don't let me forget to give you the rest of the photos!

  3. i think independence in children is overrated. ;o) welcome to the next chapter in parenthood.
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