Monday, March 22, 2010

tub hat and frog love

for those of you who don't recognize it, Gwen is signing "frog"... I didn't even realize she knew that one! But she sure got excited about this stand up frog at the zoo. I couldn't keep her distracted. She kept sneaking over there to see him (he wasn't IN the play area). Gotta love her determination! and, I ADORE her "coy" face bottom left of the collage--she thought she was so sneaky!


  1. wow, I'm the first to comment! That's so cool that she knows how to sign "frog"! I want Caleb to learn how to sign "dog." Man, I want him to learn how to sign. such a cute little girl!

  2. WOw she is one smart girl!!! I am not surprised considering who her parents are:)

  3. so cute! I hope I get a child with something besides stick straight hair!
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