Sunday, March 7, 2010

new catchup

as in "catch up" not "ketchup". Though I am a big fan of the latter on eggs and fries. :)

Gwen is WALKING for REAL this time! No more 'well, I guess 8 steps in succession counts' but the legit 'go everywhere standing up' phase has begun. And brought with it lots of fun and bonks. The fun is seeing her explore, eager to go EVERYWHERE now that she thinks she is AWESOME. I loved seeing her curiosity leading her through the Franklin Park Conservatory (the above photos with the train and the blue sculptures below from the Chihuly exhibit are from our excursion. if you look really closely, the buildings and castle with the train are ENTIRELY made out of plants!) going down all the 'jungle' paths and exploring every turn and cove. My camera ran out of batteries after only 5 photos, so you'll have to take my word for how cute she was. The bonks are not as fun, but definitely still visible. She's got a nice scab right next to her eye from a tumble on Thursday that kind of gives me the willies if I think about it too much and had 2 incidents at church today with musical instruments. Apparently pianos and organs have it out for Gwen.
On a cute note: she has become enamored of my earrings. Eric put some on for her, I think she was weirded out having it on her ear. My favorite is that in these photos, I managed to capture Eric sporting a flashing dangly earring! Check out the bottom right pic! You can also catch a glimpse of Gwen's 'touselhead' look with sweet lil semi-curls peeking out behind those ears... Also, she signs and says "Dank-doo"! It is precious! She had never signed or vocalized it until this week when suddenly she did both! Halfway down the stairs she realized she had forgotten her giraffe at the top. So she waved frantically and whined and luckily mom guessed correctly what was ailing her. I tossed the giraffe down to her, she laughed and grabbed him for a big hug, then promptly brought her hand up her chin and brought it down while saying "dank-doo" in this sweet sing-song voice. I was tickled to death! I love it! She also says "shoes" (and, yes, it really sounds like shoes), "kiki" (kitty), and "boo" (book), added signs for 'friend', 'fish', and 'kitty', and will bring me my winter accessories to put on when she is ready to go somewhere. I am so enamored with this gal, I can't even tell ya!

I sold 3 paintings this week, all to the same family. What a neat experience! It was really humbling, actually, that they would like my artwork enought to spend 70 dollars on it. That is not cheap. A good deal for 3, sure, but still a pretty penny. Very cool!

We had friends over for Korean food last night. So tasty! and FUN! We have such wonderful friends here in Ohio! Gwen's absolute favorite part was getting to hug the baby!...again, and again, and again... luckily her mom and dad didn't mind!
I think the pattern of posting on weekends might continue. Or maybe even every other weekend. This week I was miraculously empowered to finish 2 papers before Friday. With Eric on OB/GYN and having early, EARLY hours, it was challenging to fly solo to stay up really late at night in order to finish my work. Seriously, the Lord must be watching out for me. Everything just came together. It was beautiful. And hopefully I got good grades too. :) This week I've got another paper to mail off by Friday, then my In-Laws will be coming for a weekend visit! How exciting! I doubt I'll post during their stay, so this might be it until the weekend after that. Stay tuned.


  1. Very cool pictures! It looks like Gwen is off and running! See you Friday!

  2. funny that in-laws are coming this weekend...and soon Daddy will be stopping by! awesome pics. I know that time gets away. But I love seeing/hearing/reading the updates! You're an inspiration!

  3. I love the earrings pictures! Hilarious! She is at such a fun age.

  4. Such a sweetie pie saying thank you already! Congratulations on selling some more of your work, it doesn't suprise me and it is such a great feeling isn't it?!

    The thought of having to write paper after paper seems daunting. I am impressed.

    Good luck with the new offical "toddler". Bumps, bruises and scratches just come with the territory:)

  5. Fun adventures! Jon and I went to the Conservatory over Valentines day and I fell in love with it! Such a wonderful, beautiful thing to have in Ohio!
    So I just realized that you don't exactly get notifications when I respond to one of your comments on my blog so I think that I may need to make sure that you know that I WOULD LOVE if you taught me how to make a coptic stitch journal! I have always wanted to learn and I'm so excited that you're knowledgeable! Maybe this summer when we're not so busy... :)

  6. Wow I loved the conservatory pictures. Scottie and I really need to go there because that place looks amazing. Was the glass exhibt still there?
    I am so impressed with all you do! Keep it up.

  7. how fun to have her walking! hope you have fun with the in-laws!