Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gwen Finger Painting and COSI Fun with Friends!

Gwen and I have really enjoyed trying to keep ourselves entertained because of this:
I think I might officially be THE last person in Columbus to document the HUGE snowstorms we've had. Anyway, it has been cold. We try to keep ourselves safe and entertained. Let's just say Gwen and I both have had our stir-crazy moments! A couple weeks ago we got together with some good friends and neighbors to fingerpaint. Gwen wasn't super excited, but her painting is so pretty, I think. Her favorite part was playing with the balls and books. No surprise there. Thanks, Anita, for inviting us over and sharing your pictures! If you look in the bottom left picture, you can see Gwen wasn't content to merely paint. She had to try some too...Then I read stories to the gals, it was fun! Gwen had the much coveted seat of honor.
Last week we headed to COSI, a fun science museum, to play.
I ought to call these pictures the "For the Love of Purple Spheres". Seriously, we were there for almost 3 hours. Even ate lunch while there. The ENTIRE time, Gwen only relinquished her hold on the balls a few times. She carried them everywhere. Going down the slide? Purple balls go too. Climbing up the stairs? Purple balls go too. Spinning things? Purple balls. Pushing buttons? Better use the purple balls. She's not one of those kids that you can distract and hide the desired object and she'll just forget about it. Definitely a little obsessive and possessive about things, but it sure is quirky and funny!

and here are some friends! Sure did have fun!

I love these videos because you can see 2 things: 1) you can imagine her uncertain thought processes when she is debating whether or not to put her balls down somewhere. I think it is hilarious the way she'll look around to check out any aspiring toddlers who might snatch up her prized possessions...and then changes her mind about relinquishing her control! and 2) you can see how she walks on her knees. Thought I ought to document that for posterity.

and this one is for Eric's family. Thought ya'll would be gratified to know that Gwen was fascinated by the noise of a certain bodily function.
Pretty funny that even then she has those purple balls... and again, thanks goes to Anita for inviting us!


  1. What a relief! She's the consummate Allan. Now if she'll only hold a gun and yell, "Look at them honkers!!"

  2. So funny about those purple balls! I love it, so determined! We loved Cosi, it was always a good time.

  3. Caleb LOVED the videos of Gwen! He started squealing and bouncing/rocking back and forth with excitement! I told him he gets to meet her in about 4 months! YAY! so cute! lol

  4. What a great museum! I think it's so cute when kids walk on their knees, but it destroys their pants so fast. Oh well, I guess that's what patches are for. Anyway, holy cow that is a lot of snow. I'm impressed that you were able to go anywhere in that!

  5. Elisa!

    Oh, how I miss you. And love you. I finally rigged my blogger up so that I can comment more easily on my friends' blogs. Yay!

    I lovelovelove your blogs (especially the pictures). Your style of blogging keeps my attention very well. Haha. Gwen is so beautiful!

    This blog makes me want to invest in some purple balls. Maybe if I carry some around too, I'll feel as happy as Gwen looks in those photos. She could be onto something. Maybe a market that has been untapped?! Ha.

  6. I love it, so determined! We loved Cosi, it was always a good time.
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