Monday, February 15, 2010

Cupcake Triumphant!

I was invited to participate in a cupcake party the Wednesday before Valentine's Day. I had a great time. Thanks Nancy for driving us over there in your big truck so I didn't have to worry bout getting stuck in the piled up snow. I used some math skills and guessed almost exactly how many M&M's were in this jar: 1105 is not that far off from 1110! Woohoo, my Junior High math teachers would be proud! Jen had her place decorated so cute. I could feel the love! :) Great fun!!!!
I had a lot of fun dreaming of delectable cupcake designs... and apparently my fantasizing paid off! I won a "Most Tempting" prize for my devil's food cupcakes with milk chocolate/cream cheese frosting, drizzled with dark chocolate, dab of chocolate pudding, and dark chocolate heart with sprinkles settled on top (that was fun to do, since I'd never made chocolate garnishes before--super easy, actually, and they look so fancy!) My cupcake is the one in the middle on the far right of the following collage. I got a cupcake cookbook for my efforts!

I wasn't the only who won something, and you can see why! These cupcakes were AMAZING!!! Check out those spaghetti and meatball cupcakes! Or how bout those ice cream cones! You should have tasted them folks, cuz the photos don't do justice to the ecstasy my taste buds enjoyed eating all these cupcakes! (gals who wanted photos: if you click on the image, it gets a lot bigger. If you still want even bigger pics, let me know and i can email individual ones to you.)
Post Valentine's Day: back to eating carefully! :) But man, the 'cheating' was worth it!


  1. I have been waiting forever already to see some pictures of this party! I was sad I couldn't go, and that's why I made my own valentine cupcakes - just so I could feel kind of included in on the fun. :) Your's turned out great!! You'll have to teach me how to do those garnishes! That looks great! Glad you had a good time!!

  2. Oooh, I've heard about these cupcake parties--how fun! They ALL looked wonderful! I'm sure it was a great time for all and that everything tasted SO delicious! What a great way to bring on some more holiday spirit! I may just have to whip up a batch of cupcakes today. :)

  3. Wow, you never cease to amaze me. Such talent! where do you find all the time?? Wonderful!

  4. Wow all the cupcakes really do look amazing!!! You will have some serious skills.