Sunday, February 7, 2010

Point of No Return

I took Gwen to nursery today.

She is only 15 months old (in less than a week),
a far cry from the 18 month minimum
to ACTUALLY go to nursery.
So I sat in there with her.
this was a


I am NOT going back to fighting with her
for 1/2 an hour in Relief Society
while she tries to crawl over and get into
every single purse she can find,
terrorize the teacher,
and bawl if I don't let her steal toys
from the helpless little 4 month olds
and then end up spending
the remaining 1/2 hour of the class pacing the halls,
trying to keep from getting stepped on.

Nope. No way.

Not now that I've experienced the bliss of seeing how
happy Gwen was playing with all the toys,
watching while everyone sang songs,
and sitting so NICELY
at the little table in her toddler sized chair
to eat goldfish and drink water,
how could I go back?
She was as content as can be,
didn't even fight about toys
(because there were so many to choose from),
and not a single tantrum!
That's right.
I know where we'll be next Sunday
during that 3rd hour.
Glad nobody minds us coming early
(they said it was fine as long as I stay with her to help)!


  1. Now that I've had 2 kids I seriously think they should lower the nursery age to 12 months. Seriously. Because between 12 to 18 months, the parents get absolutely nothing out of church. Once a baby learns to walk, they are just too busy to sit in mom's lap for 3 hours. They can be entertained for most of sacrament, but that's it. Savanna turns 18 months tomorrow (YAY) and I cannot wait to take her into nursery and leave! I, too, have been taking her to nursery during the 3rd hour (since i have to teach the 2nd hour) and just staying there with her. It is nice to be in a ward that doesn't mind if you take her and stay with her. I know some nursery leaders are VERY strict on the 18 month rule! Thankfully, mine has allowed it with both of my kids too and it's heaven!

  2. When Sydney was 16 months we were in the hallway at church when a kid came out of nursery to go to the bathroom and Sydney walked right in! She LOVED the toys and especially the snack and the next week I was called as a nursery leader! So she and I have been going to nursery ever since. It's time now, however, for her to get used to going without me as I am about to have a baby and am getting released from nursery. It can get really draining really quickly in there but I'm glad Gwen likes it.

  3. It really is just so hard those last few months before nursery. I think it's fine for parents to bring younger kids as long as they stay to help watch them. Glad that it went so well and that Gwen was happy in there. My kids both have loved nursery and we have had no problems.

  4. She was so cute in nursery! I'm glad she's in there to keep my little Whit company.

  5. yup, that's my new favorite place hang out lately.

  6. Those last 6 months before "official" nursery age are always the hardest...

  7. I kinda feel your pain. Since Tyler was born 6 months ago, I have never had any of my kids for all 3 hours of church! Poor Dallin has had to deal with them because I've always had a Sunday calling, and couldn't take the kids. However, when we visit other wards, I do get to take the child with me I must be a really mean mom because I don't even let my kids play on the floor during my classes!

  8. Yay for nursery, the best place in church to be! So sad we weren't in the little kid class today! :(

  9. that's great that she loved nursery!!! I bet that last hour was much happily spent for you too! I was thinking about that the other day - about what I was going to do when Jude becomes really active. I have no idea! I can say I'll do one thing, but I've learned quickly that I'm not the only one that has a say in it :) That little boy has got a mind of his own! Much like that cute Gwen :)

  10. that's awesome!! good for her and you! yay!!! :-)

  11. Nursery is bliss. I agree completely! So glad she likes it!