Wednesday, February 24, 2010

finished with a paper... and it's time to catch up!

hey folks, it seems like forever. Maybe just to me, since I've been too busy with a paper to blog since last week. Sorry if I've missed all of your amazing posts. Well, good news: the paper is finished (Thanks again, Linz, for watching Gwen on Tuesday!) and I have so much to say!
Let's start with a random thought, inspired by my studies on Beethoven:

Ever considered the fact that we can use the descriptive word "sharp" for so many VERY different things? We all can THINK of how a ripe cheese, a piquant sauce, a witty tongue, a razor blade edge, a mother's voice when she reaches the end of her rope, and a tone on the scale is 'sharp'... but isn't it interesting how it is really challenging to put into words just WHAT those things all have in common? Think about it... kinda neat.
wondering about Gwen? Sorry this picture makes her look pretty washed out. Well, her illness is recovered, her naps and appetite are still in recovery, and she is addicted to 3 things:
  • balls (take a look at the COSI post where she wouldn't relinquish her hold on those 2 balls for 3 hours no matter what she was playing with!),

  • coat (she signs it ALL the time and even says "go-oooo" to ask to wear it throughout the day. one of her favorite words these days!), and

  • zucchini bread (I know there are healthier things to feed her than pbj or nutella sandwiches, cakey zucchini bread, blackberries and yogurt--hey that's healthy!--, and bananas... but for the past week of illness, and even now into the recovery stage, the gal has refused some of her previous favorites--like cheese and greenbeans-- leaving me in a food conundrum. All she wants to eat are sweets!)
oh, and she has all 4 molars and says "crah-ko" (cracker), "ba-ne-nah" (duh), and "ba" (ball). She added airplane, train, boat, and book to her signing vocabulary too. You can see where her priorities are in speaking! That girl is all about her belly and entertainment!

Eric is taking a Shelf Exam tomorrow, and often finds he needs to rest...Gwen has other ideas...

I hosted Sewing group at my house on Tuesday. I taught how to make these sweet, no-sewing-machine fabric flowers. Everyone's turned out so cute, this pic doesn't do them justice!:

And that is an update in a nutshell.


  1. I love the roses, I wanted to come and be apart of it, but it is too soon form having the baby, you will have to teach me how to make them. they are just so cute.

  2. Those flowers are so cute! Love hearing about the new words!

  3. Stephanie said that you e-mailed out the instructions - can you e-mail me a copy of 'em too? I was so sad I couldn't come!! I had planned and planned, and no matter what I did to try to make it work, there were forces working against me (mostly a certain 1 year old). So sad. They turned out darling! And I'm glad Gwen in on the recovery and hopefully this snow will all clear out soon and we can play more!

  4. SOOOO happy you blogged! i check daily. :) glad Gwen is getting better!! and hello! i did not know of sewing club this past week! i would SO have been there!!! i am with heather will you send me a copy of the email as well. please. we need to get together!! perhaps a lunch date would be fun! hope you are having a wonderful week and hopefully see you on saturday at the ward party!!! :) Cheers!!

  5. When did you start teaching Gwen to sign?

  6. Those flowers are sweet! I would love to know how to make them. What a fun activity!