Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crystal Bridges

I love art. I'm passionate about it, even, though not enough to memorize all kinds of facts. And I'm very particular about what I like, though I have studied enough to be able to appreciate even the stuff I don't really like. I mean, I can see why it is famous or groundbreaking or whatever even if I don't particularly enjoy it. That said, I really loved this art museum we visited with my sister in NW Arkansas called Crystal Bridges.

I LOVE architecture and three dimensional art, and the buildings really drew me in right away with how unique the shapes are, the curving roof lines and mixing of metal and stone materials, the way the water reflects to create shimmering gold affects... really, it was stunning. I want to go back in the spring/summer when there are leaves on the trees. My pictures don't do it justice, but think of this as a teaser...

I really enjoyed seeing how much Gwen loved the sculptures too. She was only mildly interested in the paintings, but these large pieces drew her attention and kept it there. Reminds me of me.

and they had an awesome children's play area!


  1. it all looks so fun! i didn't know anything about crystal bridges. i'm thinking we should check it out next time i go home.

  2. Great photos, but my favorite is the last photo of Caroline!

  3. what an awesome museum! I'm so sad we had to leave so early! Looks like it was a lot of fun, and those sculptures look great!

  4. Exactly what was that big metal blob supposed to be? I saw something similar to that horse sculpture in Sun Valley, made from drftwood and I loved it. Maybe you could throw something like that together for the cabin?