Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thank You Little Foot

I'll forever be grateful for a little dinosaur that could convince a very stubborn picky eater--
who cried and refused anything with even a speck of green
(I had to pick off EVERY SINGLE piece of herb from her meal or she'd turn it down flat)...
into a toddler who willingly and without a fuss consumed a pile of raw spinach with raspberry 'juice' (aka vinaigrette) for 3 consecutive dinners in a row because they were "tree stars".

Yes. Thank you Little Foot.
You did in one movie what we could not do in a year of persuading.


  1. so cool. I love Little Foot too. Glad Gwen ate her salad!

  2. So funny! (I would have been just like her at that age. Sometimes I still am!)

  3. Ah! I've never thought of that! I'll have to try it on L and see how he does ... he definitely needs some motivation. Yay for Gwen!