Monday, April 16, 2012

Caroline's Birthday Festivities

Rubber Ducky Birthday

You probably don't recall that I made Gwen an adorable monkey cake for her first birthday, a customized blue Aurora cake for her second birthday, and a detailed Thomas cake for her third birthday. In comparison, I felt like Caroline's rubber ducky on top of simple buttercream icing cake was totally a cop out. A part of me feels guilty about gypping Caroline out of a better cake... but the rest of me says, you know, sometimes you just have to be realistic about what can get accomplished in a 24 hour period. Sanity trumps decoration every time. And with Easter and finals competing during her birthday week, we made compromises. So, a simple, basic cake for the girl (not that she minded). Just don't look too closely at the icing job. :) She certainly didn't! Gwen was fastidious about her first bday cake, but Caroline eagerly dived right in to that icing! She loved it!

and as soon as the weather gets warm enough, we'll take her outside to splash around in our new kiddie pool with the remaining dozen rubber duckies set loose all around her... she'll be in splash heaven! Can't wait to see that...

opening presents

She had a fabulous birthday and really got spoiled with all the amazing, generous gifts! Thank you so much everybody! We are really grateful and touched to know that you love her as much as we do!

Happy first birthday, lil Caroline!


  1. It's adorable and I'm sure she loved it!

  2. I don't know what your other cakes looked like, but I think this one is genuis! Eden will likely get stuck with some lame cupcakes, as I have no real artistic talent.

    How did finals go? I bet you're relieved to have summer break :) Congrats for making it through!

  3. let's be honest...cake and butter cream frosting is good in any form! :) i think the cake is cute! well done and i'm sure even tastier, and that's all really matter! :)happy bday to miss caroline! times flys when you're having fun!!

  4. The cake is super cute, even if it is simpler than Gwen's cakes. As you said, Caroline didn't care!!

    And your face looks so skinny! I want a before and after post!

  5. I love it! Elisa, the fact that you even did that with your crazy schedule these past couple of weeks amazes me!! Happy birthday sweet Caroline! You are by far the luckiest girl in the world! Love you all.

  6. Happy Birthday cute Caroline! I love the cake too.