Friday, April 20, 2012

Dare devil

Our little daredevil has absolutely no sense of danger or risk. 
We have a special bear rocking chair that she absolutely adores. It is designed and hand made by a friend of the family, designed to be weighted so that it doesn't tip over backwards if some adventurous child stands up and leans against the back of it. 
Caroline takes full advantage of this 'safety' feature to the extent that it is completely neutralized! 
She gets this bear chair rocking so far forward and back, that I just know she's either going to face plant or smack the back of her head! We intervene at such extremes, of course, but if she catches us putting a hand on there to slow her down or putting an 'obstacle' under the feet of the chair to cut back on the range of motion that the rocking can achieve... she throws a fit!!!
This fearlessness is also displayed in her love of climbing EVERYTHING.
 I think we have a future athlete on our hands! :)

either that, or lots of injuries to look forward to! :)


  1. I was one of those dare devils as a kid!!!I am sure i gave my mom several heart attacks!!!LOL. Elisa I just have to tell you how much I LOVE and appreciate you! You are such a sweet, kind, caring person, and i sure am grateful for all the nice things you always say to me and for the sweet comments you leave on my blog!

  2. Makes you want to wrap them up in bubble wrap until they get over that stage, lol!