Friday, July 13, 2012

Caroline 15 Months: Favorite Things

I've really been terrible at documenting all of Caroline's stages and changes. I didn't want to let another one escape me, so here is the update for Caroline at 15 months. With a caviat: some of these photos are actually from middle of May, so when she was closer to 13.25 months than 15, but she still looks the same. 

25th % for weight
75% for height
99% for head 

and these are a few of her favorite things:

Hats are great fun!
Playing with Daddy, who can always get her to laugh!
 hugging stuffed animals
 big sister Gwen: she loves to sit on her lap or give her kisses
 Asian noodles: this variety is Korean with a black bean sauce and it is Caroline's absolute favorite. Delightfully messy! She can down half of a huge adult sized bowl like this in one sitting
 Berries. Blue. Straw. Black. Doesn't matter. If it is a berry, she will eat it all day long!
 Dogs. This one, in particular, had to put up with her trying to sit on his lap for 3 weeks straight. Here she is working on her 'bum first' approach to lap sitting...
 cats. She likes to pull their fur, though, so most don't actually like her very much.
waving things around and wearing necklaces. I love that her 'necklaces' can be anything that she finds to drape around her neck: ribbons, strings, beads, or even laundry. She will admire herself in the mirror after she's donned a new look. It is super cute. :)
practicing walking. this video is slightly outdated because she only does this bear walk every now and then these days. She is doing much more actual walking... but it is definitely something she has to choose for herself. She will walk and then clap her hands until we start clapping ours and offering words of encouragement, then she'll get a huge grin on her face and walk/run into our arms!
Words: no-no, cheese, milk, ball, book, doggie (actually, ALL animals are called dog--gah gah), animal noises like meow and moo, cracker (all solid foods are crackers, even berries or noodles, her favorites), Grandma and Grandpa (which are pretty much not distinguishable), out, up, this, water, and hi. She also signs a few words that she doesn't verbalize: all done, more, sleep, drink, eat, help, flower, clothes, and bath. 

She is very curious and into everything. Our little mess maker. She loves to point at new things and say "ooouh?" until you let her see whatever it is. 

and if you don't, she will bawl like a champ. She's not a very patient girl and is kind of masochistic in her tantrums. She will smash her head against the floor repeatedly and then bawl louder because it hurts. 

Well, Miss Caroline, we sure love you. We'll keep you abreast of her growth and progress!

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