Monday, July 9, 2012

New House

Our very first home!!!! Here we are on possession day in May when we got the keys to our new home!
In all the craziness, I didn't get a single, no not even ONE, photo of the interior of our new home. I did save a word doc of the original photos from the listing, but they are tiny. Unfortunately, the following collage is about as good of a "before" shot of the various rooms in our house as we are going to get.   

 Our realtor (The Raines Group of HER/RealLiving-- we loved them and highly recommend them to anyone!) had a truck you can borrow to move for free, just pay gas. So we did our move over several days and just saved the big heavy stuff for the day our church congregations (old and new) could help heft things. Gwen thought the truck was great for dancing.

 Our home on the outside when we bought it.
photos of our continual adaptations coming soon.... right now I've got to pay attention to some kiddos.


  1. Yay! You guys scored and goodie! Look at all that kitchen counter space!!! I'm excited to see what an artist such as yourself makes of the place. :)

  2. This house is beautiful!! So happy for you!