Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lovin Summer

Some summer fun photos:
Homemade pudding pops

 Zoo with Daddy--obsessing over hats and sharks

 Gwen's version of a barbie "car"--she earned a barbie for filling her good jar with pebbles (one dollar garage sale find), one is Caroline's, one she got for Christmas, and the last is a dollar store selection that we have lovingly dubbed "Madame Baldspot" because she has no hair in the middle of her head under her ponytail. Gwen calls her the creepy one.

 Playing at a playground--the only cool spot was under the canopy, so we kind of hung out there.

 Caroline is pulling hair... again.

 Now that is some sisterly love!
 Caroline's favorite past time: making messes!


  1. "the creepy one" :):) Ha - So cute!! I am having fun catching up on your blog! I am so glad you are blogging to I can spy when a get a minute. The girls are so beautiful Elisa!

  2. Every little girl should have at least one creepy Barbie. That's the Barbie that all the bad stuff can happen to- ala having her head pulled off. At some point, bad Barbies just need to have their heads pulled off.

  3. hahaha! The creepy one. Classic. Your kids are brilliant. Post a pic of the baldspot, I'm curious what that even looks like.

  4. We miss you guys! Your girls are darling.

  5. ROFL.....loving the Barbie car!