Friday, August 17, 2012

Indian Run Falls

Indian Run Falls-- We spontaneously decided we wanted to explore a local trail on Saturday. As soon as we got there and piled out of the car, it started pouring. We hunkered under the small 'pavilion' with the map at the trail head, but decided to go for it anyway. We ended up really enjoying the trail. Gwen wanted to run around each observation station and she delighted in 'posing' for the camera. After she got over her initial fear of the rain and we made it to relative 'cover' under the canopy, Caroline was fascinated by all the trees and enjoyed touching their textured bark. Then she overflowed her diaper and went commando on the return walk. Eric got peed on. Lol. 

and a funny video you'll enjoy:


  1. cute I love the video!!!!!! i am so glad you were able to still have fun even though you got soaked. also I have the comando story.