Monday, August 20, 2012

Score a FREE clothing item!

Thredup: a gently used clothing website. Kind of like shopping goodwill online.
I had never heard of this website before, but by signing up today through a friend's referral link, I scored a cute FREE shirt for Caroline. Because if you sign up through the referral link, you get 10 dollars credit that can be applied towards shipping too. So as long as your item is 4 dollars or less (which is easy to find), you should get the item to your door completely free! Like this Disney skort for 3 dollars you could have for FREE!

So while I can definitely shop for cheap clothing at Volunteers of America, and frankly won't shop this site all that often because of shipping, I'm not going to turn down FREE clothes. And guess what? If YOU sign up following my referral link, we BOTH get 10 dollars credit! So.... here's my invite:

Go check it out. Sign up if you like (cuz I won't complain about 10 dollars!). It's a deal!


  1. Sweet! I'll have to explore this site a little more. Enjoy your $10. ;)

  2. VERY cool! thanks for mentioning this!