Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Meet Fearless and Scaredy-- Role Reversal

Gwen really loves the Bunny Fountains of Ballantrae Park. This time she was not even scared of the HUGE water when all the fountains come on full blast! She ran around IN it when that was happening! She also enjoyed trying to sit on the fountains (which kind of looks like she is going potty) and *yuck* trying to drink.

 Caroline, on the other hand, doesn't want anything to do with the fountains. She cried and clutched me and bit my shoulder if we even got close to take pictures of Gwen. So once I had some shots of the fearless one, the scaredy and I sat on the sidelines playing with a bowl full of water. Splashing in a bowl was Caroline's fun take on the Bunny fountains! It is kind of funny because in all other aspects of our home life, Gwen is the nervous, scared one and Caroline is the uninhibited, brave one. I guess the water creates a role reversal for my girls!

 In the end, they both ended up having a great time!


  1. Funny how those situations can bring out such role reversals! But to this day, some people think I'm extroverted while others think I'm the ultimate introvert. I think even as adults different situations will bring out our inhibited or uninhibited sides. Also have to say, both your girls are so adorable in these pictures! Love love love them!

  2. Your girls are so cute- scared or brave!

  3. Cute, cute photos! Interesting about the role reversal!

  4. Ahhhh the bunny fountains! Love it, and love your girls!!