Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Adam and Eve: Choices Have Consequences

This year we are focusing on scripture stories and the values they teach for our family nights. A few weeks ago we started off with the Creation (it was 2015 goals night), but lest I get very behind, I'm going to skip to last week's lesson on Choice and Accountability using the story of Adam and Eve. 

Song: Choose the Right
Scripture:  Alma 37:35
Lesson: Adam and Eve/Choice and Consequence
Activity: choice/consequence matching game or chutes and ladders game
Dessert: fruit

I used the felt figures to tell the story, emphasizing that with every choice there is a consequence and that the best consequences always come from making choices to obey Heavenly Father. 

 Then the kids got to take a turn telling the story to me. Caroline was really excited to be the snake (which was just fine with Gwen, who wanted to be the trees) and she enjoyed using her 'bad guy' raspy voice to tempt Adam and Eve. 
I found these adorable printable Adam and Eve felt figures at Keeping Life Creative (free download at her Teachers Pay Teachers store). But since the printable only came with one tree, I paired it with this one from I like that the fruit is multicolored and non-specific so that the kids don't think it was definitely an apple! I saved it as a jpg and then edited it in word to enlarge the trees before printing. I also wanted to complete the story with expulsion from the Garden of Eden, so I made my own fur/leather clothing for Adam and Eve. Everything except the clothes is backed with felt. The clothes are 'worn' using clear velcro dots (one side is on the people, the matching half is on the back of the fig leaf clothing and fur clothing). 

I loved that the kids even seemed to pick up on the nuances of the story-- that families and learning through experience were essential components of Heavenly Father's plan for our happiness. Some deep thoughts here about free agency and Heavenly Father's omniscience. Not that I think they picked up on all of THAT, but at least it wasn't a shallow re-telling that cast Eve as the culprit. 

Then we played a little choice/consequence matching game that I made (simple illustrations, but they get the point across and gave the girls tangible life examples to help the concept sink in). Alternatively, could just play chutes and ladders. (Our FHE time is very short because of the time Eric gets home from work, so I opted to plan a much shorter game. Nothing worse than telling your little ones mid-ladder/slide that we'll have to put the game away now for bed time!)

Fruit makes a perfect snack to finish up! 

Gwen and Caroline both loved this FHE and wanted to keep playing with the Adam and Eve figures throughout the week. I still have to remind them (*constantly*) that choices have consequences, but I have hope in the promise that the Holy Spirit will carry the truth to their hearts. I want them to know they can turn to the Lord's Holy Scriptures to find truth to guide their lives and ultimately to point them towards their Savior. I love Him so much and want them to discover His love too!


  1. Woah holy moly this is awesome! I love how you said your drawings were "simple illustrations, but they get the point across" as if you were making an excuse for not doing your best. Oh sweet Elisa! Those drawings would be my definition of perfection!! Seriously if only I could draw an adequate stick figure I'd be happy!! Your children are incredibly blessed to have you as their mother - someone who is passionately devoted to them and their education! I love this! :)

  2. Oh - and thanks for the link to that other blog - I quickly perused some of her posts and love her ideas!! Can't wait to make some things on my own. :)