Sunday, January 25, 2015

Noah's Ark: Obedience and Follow the Prophet

There are soooo many things you could do with this lesson because Noah's Ark immediately interests kids---I'm certain it is the animals! :) But the biggest lesson, I think, is a reminder of the safety in obedience. Earlier this week Caroline and Gwen didn't obey me in the parking lot of the library and I was very upset about the dangerous situation they created. It seemed a perfect time to remind them that they don't need to understand 'why' before they obey--- they need to trust and obey. And really, they can trust mom/dad and Heavenly Father because the rules/commands are not given for any reason other than love. 

Song: Follow the Prophet
Scripture:  John 14:15
Lesson: Noah's Ark/Obedience and Follow the Prophet
Activity: ark reenactment
Dessert: 'rainbow' animal crackers

The felt set (available from Keeping Life Creative) was a big hit, though Caroline was pretty concerned that we couldn't fit all the animals 'inside' the ark. Therefore we piled them up on top and they got to ride out the flood on each others' shoulders! :)

Gwen had a strange interest in the scoffers who didn't listen to Noah's warnings. It was a great opportunity to talk about how God wants to protect us and we should obey even if we don't understand why right away. It didn't matter that the rain was not coming down yet or that the ark was constructed on dry ground--- it might have been hard to understand why then too! But if we trust Heavenly Father and remember His love for us, then we can put our faith in his commandments and in the prophets regardless of our personal skepticism. Perfect segue into obeying mommy and daddy even if you don't understand why-- because we want to keep them safe too!

We role played a bit and made the couch our ark. The kids retrieved as many animals from their room as they could and we were happy to ride out the flood together. I misted them with 'rain' and they loved it! Everyone agreed that we DEFINITELY want to be 'on the ark' in life!

Then both girls wanted a chance to make 'rain' so we made arks for the animals out of the kitchen chairs. I think spraying their critters might have been their favorite part of the evening!

My favorite part was the next day when they took the spray bottles outside and sprayed each other in 40 degree weather for almost an hour! I think I refilled those spray bottles about 7 or 8 times each! Who would have thought that the flood was the best part of the story for reenacting in frigid winter weather?

We finished our family night with animal crackers (a peanut butter smear allowed the girls to sprinkle some rainbows on top--- a symbol of Heavenly Father's covenant!)

It was a fun evening! The proof was in the week that followed: the girls were quick to obey (especially in parking lots!) and if they seemed to scoff a bit before complying, all I had to do was ask if they were choosing to be on the ark or off... and they ended up making the right decision every time! Love my kids!


  1. man I really wish I could just spend a week planning activities with you. Or longer. What great ideas!! Caroline looks just like you. :)

  2. Love the crafts and games for the girls. They have so much fun. They are so lucky!