Monday, January 12, 2015

Resolve to Record my Riveting Rowdy Rascals

 One of my resolutions this year is to pick back up on a journal. Too much of life has passed by in the past 2 years with scarcely a mention of specific memories. I find holes in my recollections and that saddens me. I started this blog to share pics with extended family. It turned into a journal. A place I can share experiences and testimony and have visual reminders of my progress and purpose (for those days when I wonder why I work so hard at being a mom)...and I think it is time to re-invite myself to keep this blog journal. 

I spend an exorbitant amount of time planning and preparing activities for my family. Whether it be preschool for Caroline:

Or engaging Family Home Evenings for all of us to enjoy:

I love doing this! It is fulfilling AND fun, exercise of talents AND weaknesses, and keeps my mind alive with ideas! 

But, I don't want to spend time during the day writing about memories instead of making them. So I hope to blog 3 times a week. I'll share my favorite FHE lessons/activities, my favorite preschool/kiddo activities, and maybe throw in a funny kid happening or field trip to round out our week. I hope this sounds fun to you all too! (feedback welcome!-- just be nice :)

That is my goal. Now it is achievable, measurable, written, and shared with anyone who reads here... so keep me accountable! 


  1. Good goal! I've been slacking on my blog journal as well. My goal is a monthly update, but we will see if it's enough. I'm open to throwing in extra posts of exciting events (birthdays, trips, etc.) Can't wait to borrow some of your ideas! :)

  2. What an awesome goal! I'm looking forward to your posts. In your Christmas letter you said that you are making an FHE manual, right? Or was it preschool? Either way, I would LOVE to see your ideas (and copy them, of course :)

  3. Hey that sounds awesome! You just reminded me that I didn't actually write down any goals this year. Maybe I should do that. :) You're always an example!

  4. Oh this is how I feel about my blog too - I want to get back into journal keeping through it!! I am (as always) so amazed and impressed by you Elisa. Reading this post made me stop and actually ask myself if I really work that hard at motherhood ... because lately it seems all my efforts and focus has been on home management instead. Blech! I am excited to read more posts by you and be inspired about ways to be more fully present and intentional with my calling as a mom. I don't have near the amount of talents that you do - but I absolutely am thrilled to see you thrive and enjoy stretching yourself! Hopefully through blogs I can feel like we're experiencing motherhood together again, because I miss you dear friend!! :) Love you!