Thursday, May 8, 2008

Canoe's Maiden Voyage

A couple of weeks ago Eric bought a canoe off of Craigslist. He had been wanting a water craft of some kind so he could go fishing without inviting all the local ticks to dinner by crashing through brush and weeds on the banks. He had been itching for a chance to take our new family canoe on a maiden voyage... and a few weekends ago we decided the morning storms had cleared enough to allow us the perfect window of opportunity! Armed with life jackets (just wanted to make sure you saw that, Mommy and Daddy!), sandwiches, fishing gear, and friends Justin and Brianna, we were all set to go! That is, after Justin and Eric showed off their muscles and knot-tying skills in order to Jimmy-rig the canoe onto our lil Impala! (Yes, those are pool noodles...)

The weather was great, the Delaware reservoir was pretty empty (probably because of the morning storms), and our canoe didn't sink! The back portion was even cut off so that Eric could try using a small trolling motor! What a rig! :)

Eric looks happy, eh?

A really cool tree that had new 'trees' growing straight up out of its trunk!

Just wanted proof that I was indeed there. For balance I'm sitting in the bottom of the canoe. I felt pretty good but had to keep nibbling on stuff throughout the afternoon...and Eric didn't get even a bite of his own sandwich. He doesn't seem to mind though, still playing oar guitar. Good thing we stopped at a lil diner on our way home to get dinner and awesome milkshakes!


  1. That looks like such a fun trip! Yay that it didn't make you too sick either. That's always good news. Tell Eric I said Happy Birthday!

  2. That was such a fun trips! Thanks again for inviting us.