Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Lil Bit of Everything/Nothing

Well, seems we've had a busy week full of fun, random activities:

Eric the Handyman

Eric finished his test Friday and has since been very productive around here. He's gotten the canoe hung above our car in the carport with Ryan's help (and neglected to take any pictures of his manliness at work despite my consistent urging and reminders that I want to do a 'Man's work is never done' scrapbook page and need evidence!...Oh well. I guess pictures to document the sweaty labor is more a wife thing anyway. I'll just include pictures of the end result, and since no one would believe that I did the work the credit will obviously fall on him.).

here're some pictures of Eric's manly projects around the house!

Our gutted washing machine. Somehow (don't ask me what he did, because I have no idea) Eric fixed it. All by himself. He had to gut it, do some research online, and purchase some replacement parts... but our washing machine has been resurrected! Hurray for tool-savvy handymen! :)
Donor Memorial Service
On Sunday there was a beautiful Memorial Service for the families of the donors who gave their bodies to scientific discovery for the first year medical student's anatomy class. It was an impressively moving service with a touching slide show of the donors with pets and family, a candle lighting, thoughts from students and faculty, and beautiful music. Eric and Bryan sang a duet of "Homeward Bound" together. It was lovely. Eric was very emotional and sometimes struggled with composure at the beginning, but it only made the music that much more tender. No pictures, sorry. The whole thing really brought a lot more gratitude for such a gift and a profound respect for the donors and their families. It made us think more deeply about the sanctity of the learning experience.


Sportin a Random Pink Victoria's Secret Hat

I was encouraged by my best friend, Jennie, to include details about work on the blog. So here ya go! Yesterday at work we found an unexplicable surprise in each of our mailboxes: a bright pink, floppy hat. No explanation about who donated them, why staff received them instead of residents, or when we ought to wear them. Just a pink hat on top of our usual announcements and memorandoms. Random! Welcome to the unpredictable world in which I spend my day time hours. It fits, actually. Just an example of the unexpectedness of each moment at the Y. You never know what's going to happen! The best part: It says "Victoria's Secret" across the front! Ha ha! I'm totally going to wear mine all summer whenever we take the Teens outside for some fresh air and sunshine! :) With our 'persimmon' YWCA shirts, we look like a sherbet commercial or something. Just need some lime green...


Well, that's it for today's random posts. Last week was full of lots of things of minor interest. Hopefully all together it is kind of cool! :) This week promises to be the same, so look forward to future posts!

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  1. You look wonderful in your hat and t-shirt....very sherbert-y. And I miss the handyman...he needs to fix my toilet. :)