Thursday, May 8, 2008

Eric's Birthday

Eric celebrated his birthday on May 1st, and I'm the slacker wife who neglected to take even ONE picture on my dear hubby's 25th birthday! So, I'll attach this studly pic instead. Lookin good!
We went for dinner at a local Taqueria called Cuco's. It was delicious! We had an adventure arriving (Eric was driving, but it was a surprise destination and I didn't quite know how to get there. I maintained the appearance of being in complete control and pretended to be coy and playful about the mystery chase on which I took us--as though I had planned the entire time to drive up and down Henderson a few times!-- but we did eventually get there and had some yummy Mexican food that neither one of us had to cook. There was WAY too much food, so we had lots of leftovers too! We don't eat out very often and it was really fun to celebrate together and practice speaking Spanish. Eric's Portuguese ability makes him tons more fluent than I am-- so unfair! :) After dinner the Wheelers had us over for birthday brownies and icecream! Such great friends!
Eric opened up his presents... I think the best was the package from his mom! He got baby clothes and a cute hooded towel! Aw!

Top Ten of Eric's Habits and/or Traits that I Find Most Endearing:

10. I love that he can't help getting sucked into games on his numerous 'breaks' is so funny to me! I know many other wives rue the day that their husbands sit next to Eric in lecture...and get nothing out of it because he's introduced them to another 'addicting game'. Maybe I'm supposed to find it annoying, but I don't. Perhaps that is why it is so easy for him to do it.
9. Fascination with all things manly: he tries to keep one 'manly' project going every week. Anything from changing the oil in the car, to repairing the washing machine himself, to setting up a pulley system for hanging our canoe in the carport.
8. Maybe ya'll don't want to know this, but anytime he gets a chance (an open window of opportunity, if you will) he pinches my bum and says 'honk!'
7. His bottomless stomach and endless passion for food...even if it was a recipe flop, he scarfs it right up! We ought to compile a list of our/my cooking disasters that he consumed anyway!
6. His big hands. Usually warmer than mine, but when they get cold...they're freezing! Somehow simultaneously worn and yet tender. I love all the scars on his hands. Though I know from the stories that some are just from horseplay, I like to think of them as evidence of his hard-working nature, manliness, and bodily sacrifice. There is that scar on his arm from shielding Bryce from falling glass...
5. Singing, 'Doo-doo'ing, whistling, you name it! He's always makin music! He has a beautiful voice too. And I find it very endearing how anytime he sings he looks like a professional (eyebrows up, mouth shaped into perfect vowels) even if it is a rock song.
4. The delighted lil-boy-at-Christmas look on his face whenever he sees some 'honkers' or a likely fishing spot.
3. He is a big dork who has a LOVE (I don't mean thinks it is cool, I mean deep-boned PASSION) for science and math! Here's a boy who takes a break from his med school textbooks by opening his college Calculus book and reading, working on an M&M physics problem from an impossible test last year, or theorizing about balls bouncing around variously shaped zero gravity rooms. For fun!
2. His tender heart, sincere concern for others (including me), and continual service. He doesn't hesitate to help, never complains, and always notices where there is a need. I think his selflessness comes from the examples of both his mom and dad (who also give so freely of time and resources) and his deep love for the Lord. I definitely love him for it!
1. Those handsome hazel eyes...I can't get enough. Those eyes won me over, really, cuz I got lost in them and decided I ought to stick around to find out more about the man!

I love you, Hon! Can't even imagine what misery life would be without you by my side!


  1. I found the blog! And what a great list of things....which I may swipe and use for journaling on a layout. Love you both, Mama A.

  2. What a sweet post Elisa. I'm so happy for you, my sweet friend!

  3. Elisa and Eric! Wow. I'm so excited for you guys and your little-one-to-be. What a small world it is (at least online). I had completely forgot that Eric and I have the same birthday. Also, your friend Brianna was one of my sister's roommates back in Provo. Small Mormon Blogosphere. Best to you both.