Friday, May 16, 2008

Deciphering a Dream

How much symbolism and/or emotional significance do you all think dreams have? I had a random dream last night that is not only still extremely vivid, but I actually fell back into the SAME dream twice after getting up during the night. That rarely happens!
Eric, my lil sister Amber, and I were all undercover agents on a mission to uncover the hidden location of a Mafia gangster's secret lair. In the process, my brother was shot and killed in front of my eyes after the Mafia found us sleeping on the floor in a lil cabin in the woods, I sat next to a gossipy Mafia gal in the back seat of a huge unmarked van parrying comments from the Mafia king (he was driving the vehicle and talking to me in the rearview mirror) while she was telling me how you end up doing things you don't want to do to get to the top of the Mafia heirarchy, I attracted lots of "SHHHHH's" in a library because I was trying to get Eric's attention and he was looking for textbooks that might have clues, I was shot in the neck and chest by poison darts when I walked through a glass door ahead of everyone else at the Mafia king's insistence, and had to convince some Korean friends of mine sitting in a photobooth that doubled as a transportation device that I could protect them (yeah, I'd done a great job of that for everyone else so far, right?) if they would provide me with the clue to my lil sister's location (she was still with the Mafia guy after Eric rushed me to treatment for the poison darts--and he had insidious plans for her! yikes! I had to save her!). I am still amazed at the details I remember! What does it all mean?
...Probably absolutely NOTHING! Any interpretations? :)


  1. That is quite a crazy dream! I bet it's pregnancy hormones... you can blame everything on them! I don't really know what all the mafia stuff could mean. Personally I've been having strange dreams about things happening to my baby like going into labor and falling into a coma for a year, so that when I wake up my baby is walking and doesn't know who I am. Sad!

  2. Maybe some spicy Korean food you ate? :)

  3. Seriously, amen Cami! I had way bizarre and out of character dreams when i was pregnant with both my boys. I have no idea what causes that, but don't read too much into them!