Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Naming an Elephant

Eric loves his younger brother Collin. They have this 'brotherly affection' thing goin to which I guess I don't completely relate (since I've only got 1 brother). Collin is "Coll-Dawg" on Eric's cell, they love to have lively debates/political bashing sessions every Sunday, and mercilessly tease each other about superfluous things whenever the chance arises. (Thanks Mama Allan for making such a nice scrap page of pics of Collin that I could steal from your blog and post here! :)

Yesterday I was sharing from my National Geographic magazine reading about a group of Elephantologists in Tanzania that get to name each elephant they observe whatever they want. Really cool, random names like "Genghis Khan" or "Marley" or "Babylon". I thought that was pretty fun to think about, sky's the limit, ya know. So I asked Eric what he would name his elephant if he found one. He looked up from his cardiology reading and immediately replied:


then a pause for brief contemplation...

"But only if he was AWESOME...."

another pause...

"If he was a wuss, I'd name him 'Collin'."


  1. Coll-dawg?? I shake my head. And it makes me feel good that they get along...

  2. Elisa! That was an invitation for you to come to my house! There is no way that I am making you cook for me when that sweet baby of yours could come anytime now! But we would LOVE to have you over! So what is YOUR schedule like?

  3. Woohoo for all these new posts! I love it. Also, I think it's hilarious to hear Eric quoted because I can totally hear him saying that. What a funny guy you married. I hope my boys like each other like that when they get older.

  4. Eric,

    If I found an elephant, I'd name it Eric "poopy-face" Allan. Ha!

  5. I found your blog and now I am excited to see what you are up to as long as you dont mind.
    See ya tomorrow.
    Angie Parker