Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Baby Shower

What a great time! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to both Nancy and Heather for throwing such a great shindig, just for me! Sorry there aren't any better pics, I totally got too involved in enjoying myself and forgot to get any more. I sure wish I had taken a big group pic to capture all the wonderful friends who came to share in our joy over the pending arrival of Baby Girl Allan! Thanks to all of you! We're much more prepared now for the arrival of our lil one. Seriously, it is really humbling to realize how blessed we are to have such great friends out here... ya'll are more like family than I ever realized friends could be. It really makes a big difference when family lives so far away.

Enjoy the pics of a few of the gals 'becoming pregnant' with balloons! :) I'll leave them nameless for their own privacy... but ya'll know who you are! :)


  1. Okay, I failed at taking pictures. I should have 'delegated' that responsibility to someone else. So sorry!! I must say though, that it was a fun party!! Thanks for giving us an excuse to eat lots of sweets and "ooh and ahh" over lots of cute baby things!!

  2. Oh I wish I could have been there! It looks like you really had a lot of fun :) It sure is crazy to see everyone in sweaters. Can't wait to see the bundle of joy :) Love and miss yall