Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ending the Trip in Twin

Gwen thought her cousin Edward was the most fascinating person there. If she spotted him walking around, she would stand up on her tip toes, flap her arms, and squawk to try to gain his affection. He didn't give her the time of day. when they were in close proximity, he didn't seem to know what to make of her.In these two shots we kind of "forced" them to interact. Meaning, we sat Edward down right next to her and didn't allow him to ignore her existence. And you can see what started as an intently staring Gwen (with a slightly worried Edward) quickly became a shirt-grabbing,thrilled Gwen (and a very worried Edward!).

Gwen was happy to be entertained by Grandpa, Grandma, Uncles or Aunts. Grandpa helped her take a ride on the bouncy horsie... and her tongue shot out! (sorry it is blurry, but I had to include it. I have a picture of me on a bouncy horsie when I was a baby-- I couldn't NOT include a similar one of Gwen!)

Uncle Bryce also helped her practice piano.

and by the time she got around to a photo shoot with Uncle Collin, she was tired of all the excitement and only favored us with her "I'm about to bawl" face.

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