Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gwen, Gwen, Gwen...oh, and Edward

Reeeeaaaach! She is learning to crawl, but doesn't like to exert the effort to actually try it if she can get something without needing her knees.
Sitting with Grandpa....til she discovered the fuzz on his jeans

Playing with a remnant of some fabric from Mama Allan's curtain project. Why spend money on expensive toys when trash will do the trick? Notice she's still in pj's. It was surprisingly chilly and I forgot all of her socks in Twin, so she spent most days in pj's.
Carrot face. She was so willingly distracted from eating... by just about anything! But anyone smiling at her was a guaranteed attention grabber!
Gwen with G-Grandma Ian.
Edward sportin his adorable hat and Elise makin that bandana look good! :)
Edward loved the "babush" (bubbles) and would point to them on top of the fridge and chant "babush? babush? babush?" until Elise finally consented to take him out and entertain him with them. If she tired of blowing bubbles after 30 minutes and tried to come back inside... before he was good and ready... he would cry at the door "babush!" until she obliged him with another 1/2 hour. what a funny kiddo!

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