Sunday, June 28, 2009

S'more Fire!

So, I know this was technically a week ago. That makes it old news for all you bloggers. But since this blog is quickly becoming a scrapbook/journal, I want to be sure to include the whole story and document family adventures.
Camping without out s'mores would be heresy. And being outdoors with boys without fire would be unheard of. These boys like to burn things. Makes them feel even more manly, I think. :)

So we had a fire in the fire pit and ate s'mores one night.
Elise, Jan, and me. All prepped for marshmallows. Look at how eagerly we await.
Bryce and his s'more.Elise and her s'more (are you diggin the orange fingernail polish? :)
Evan and his quadruple s'more sandwich! Too bad they don't make foot long chocolates/graham crackers. I think he might be on to somethin.

Another night we enjoyed an even bigger fire in the "parking lot" of the cabin. Here's the bonfire we made after chopping down a dead tree (killed by a beetle infestation. really nasty. and they are spreading. We're going to have to do something to save the larger pines). This night we had dutch oven cobbler. :)
Edward enjoyed the chance to stay up later (it is past 9 pm in this shot, despite how deceptively light it is outside) and the opportunity to snuggle up with Uncle Collin. Gwen was already fast asleep, of course.