Wednesday, August 26, 2009

3 Big Ones

3 Big Ones!

3 most frightening/worrisome memories with Eric:
  1. on our Honeymoon: whose idea was it to watch What Lies Beneath out in the middle of nowhere in a cabin? Mine? Oops...
  2. bee sting to Eric's hand: swelled up like a surgical glove being used for a cow's udder.
  1. WindRiver's 2007 lightning storm: Eric and Collin making the trek across the unsheltered saddle with lightning crackling around constantly... carrying fishing poles. I was scared to death!
  2. I'm adding another: when the Rhino broke down in the middle of a huge snowstorm on our way to the cabin Jan 2009 with babies in tow... and waiting for what seemed like hours in the cold dark with a bawling 6 week old and Eric gone off on a snow-mobile to try to find help. Scary times.
3 most embarassing memories with Eric:
  1. hitting myself in the face with my own racket during racketball and giving myself a black eye.
  2. the night of cooking disasters. Every dish, pan, bowl, etc that we own (I am really not exaggerating here!) was destroyed trying to salvage- not ONE, but 3-- culinary catastrophes! Below is a photo of the sludge that spread all over the counters and leaked onto the floor...
  3. riding the Greyhound for 2 days to Arkansas (to meet my folks) and then 2 days back. We were stinky, tired, and somehow still wanted to be right next to one another. (despite the egg-salad sandwich breath and lack of showers)
  4. ooh, wait, can I add a 4th? (Of course I can, it is my blog... ) Goofing around in the park (before we were engaged), tore my shirt WIDE open (on the side- one of the darts)... but didn't even realize it. Eric had to tell me that, um, I was a lil exposed. How embarassing.
But if I really want to be honest, I am not really that embarassed about any of those things. Kinda funny, I think.

3 most energizing/fun memories with Eric:
  1. playing Horrible Hoppers: Freshman year of college, in the dorms, Eric cheered me up one night close to Halloween when he could tell I was down. Halloween version of tiddlywinks.
  2. mystery shake date with strange and funny poetry games. I loved all those "intellectual" dates!
  3. Temple Square General Conference April 2006: the day that started it all. I had so much fun flirting around the artwork in the Conference Center, making deliciously piled up sandwiches with ALL the fixuns, and doodling on each other's papers during the afternoon session.
  4. Um, If I'm perfectly honest, just about EVERY memory that I have with Eric is energizing and fun! I just love being around him so much!
3 most romantic memories with Eric:
3. our first kiss: day after Mother's day, in the family room downstairs at Eric's parents' home. He wanted to long before that, but I was chicken. After this kiss, we basically knew marriage was on the horizon.
2. Valentine's Day 2008: Eric made delicious Italian dinner, converted our upstairs guestroom into a lovely candle-lit Italian eatery, and wowed me with flowers. Incredible night!
1. night he proposed: blanket under the stars in a field, sonnet composed just for me, a gorgeous customized ring, and melted my heart with the words "I've never been as happy in my life as these last months spent with you. I want to feel this way for Eternity. Will you marry me?" I believe I was laughing and crying at the same time. (as I recall, this kinda weirded him out, but he didn't let on til later.)

3 most significant memories with Eric:
3. The miscarriage of our first pregnancy. I think that brought us closer together than anything up to that point ever had.
2. Gwen's birth: the spirit in the room, we were both crying, and I remember feeling overwhelmed with love for her and for Eric, for our family. I knew we could be together for eternity.
1. kneeling across the altar in the Bountiful temple on the day of our sealing August 26, 2006. I never felt so RIGHT about anything before or since.
After 3 years, Hon, I only love you more than ever!


  1. Wow, has it really been three years already!?? Happy anniversary, kids! Love you just tons and tons!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you two! You guys make such a great couple and I'm so glad that it has been such a wonderful three years!

  3. Ah, now I see why there was no jogging tonight! Congratulations! Those were great memories to hear about. I remember meeting you my first Sunday back at school (post sat next to me in Relief Society) and it was your last Sunday before getting married. I remember how happy and excited you looked. You guys rock!

  4. Brandon wants to know how Gwen is doing. Happy Anniversary!

  5. What a great post! I love this! And those wedding photos are fabulous - you guys are great!!

  6. so sweet! i meant to call you today but i forgot!! well happy anniversary anyway! i love you both!

  7. That was a very sweet post. Congrats on the 3 years, that is so wonderful!!!

  8. Your wedding day was truly something special. I was so happy you invited me to the sealing. Few are the times I've felt the spirit as palpably in one place as I did at your sealing.