Thursday, August 20, 2009

Entertainment for a Nerdy Science Guy

My Mother-in-Law reminded me a couple of days ago that I still haven't documented any "Eric Activities" since... well, I guess I haven't really gotten down any of them, actually. So. Enjoy. He kind of moves from project to project, getting completely involved in one thing and then moving on. The "entertainment" for my exceptionally-intelligent-science-lovin Hubby. *ahem* Nerd. I love that he chooses these activities voluntarily and considers them fun. Have I mentioned he works on Calculus problems for breaks from studying? :)
*Oh, and my apologies for not actually managing to get a picture with the handsome man in it. I'll work on that.

(found dead speakers at the dumpster and he loved taking them apart to find the magnets inside. We proceeded to make an "electronics" drawer for all his stuff)

chain mail
(interested in armor and manly guys, not in medieval life in general. makes the rings by taking a wire coil, wrapping it around a metal rod using a contraption involving a drill, cutting the coil using wire cutters, then using needle-nose pliers to flatten and close the gap)

books on homesteading, sustainable energy, cheese-making, and blacksmithing
(basically, Eric is interested in being completely self-sufficient... someday. I think he is slightly disappointed that I don't share his enthusiasm for living completely 'off the grid')

pocket stove for backpacking
(I think this project is really neat. This stove collapses down to about chunk chicken sized and opens up to be large enough to boil water. We've tried it. I really ought to try to get a picture of it lit and burning. Pretty impressive, actually. He got the design ideas online and tweaked them to be awesome. Lots of careful cutting, hole drilling, and rubbing alcohol burning for tests)

studying all about amateur radios
(This is Eric's most recent/current interest. He loves telling me all about how radios work, the history, etc. We don't actually have a radio *yet*, but I think he wants one.)


  1. Okay, so Ry's not into chain mail or electronics, but the rest of that stuff . . . did you secretly sneak into my house to photograph our stuff??


  2. Ok, so, technically, I am not "in" to chainmail. I was more just curious as to how they put the whole thing together. It's just way to tedious, so, if I ever finish that one, it will probably have to be a small article. Maybe a pair of boxers complete with button fly.

  3. Those are all such intriguing and such typically male projects. I think that little stove is very cool though. Great camping accessory. Also good to stick in with your food storage stuff. Eric, if you finish the chainmail boxers I want a picture of them (over your clothes, of course, Quailman style).

  4. ROFL!! Yeah, Eric....hon, I'm thinking the burlap boxers might be more'll have to share that story with your wife.

  5. really? you don't want to learn to shoe your own horse? or make nails and hinges for your house? sheesh, elisa, where's your sense of adventure?!?! LOL ;-)

  6. haha I love it!! that's soooo eric!

  7. least you can't ever say that he's not interested in learning new things!! He will never be at a loss of what to do when he gets bored...speaking of which...Does he ever get bored?

  8. How can I say this without sounding completely inappropriate :) . . . I LOVE your husband!! He is a "nerd" in the VERY best way! Loved that post, and getting to know him a little better.

  9. Wow Eric, you ARE the coolest man I have ever met. Seriously. Cheese making, magnets, and chain mail at the same time? Wow.

    Your biggest fan,

  10. i want to see a picture of him wearing that chainmail some day! He truly is one in a million.