Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chasing Cheerios

Gives a whole new meaning to playing with your food. :) Isn't it funny how everything that isn't edible goes right into her mouth and things that are intended for eating only become a game?

Also, Gwen loves shiny objects. I think she'll be one of those lil girls that is in love with sparkly fake beaded necklaces and rhinestone studded shoes. Sequins will be a favorite, no doubt. She loves anything that is shiny (spoons, cell phones, jewelry, cameras, plastic, diaper rash ointment, beads, tupperware, etc). Isn't it hilarious the way her whole body shakes with excitement and she squeals because she caught sight of a shiny camera? I love it!

The second video shows how thrilled she is to pull on the camera cord. That's another great love: cords and string. Anything long and skinny.

And I know this video isn't nearly as entertaining, but it has her 'talking' and strangely unique 'chortle' laugh at the end. I thought we ought to document it. She doesn't do it nearly as often as she used to, and I think she might stop doing it altogether soon. I think it is hilarious.


  1. We were cracking up as she was flipping those things like tiddly-winks!

  2. Such a cute baby! What a blessing!

  3. That cheerio game is too cute! Thanks for going on a walk/jog with me today! Definitely put me in better spirits!