Monday, March 7, 2011

Big Week for Gwen!

We constructed her toddler bed last Monday for FHE... and she was stoked about it!... until she realized it wasn't just intended for her to pretend to be Sleeping Beauty for a few minutes before getting out of it again. What!?!? We actually expected her to sleep in it?!?! She was traumatized.
The first two nights we tried to help her fall asleep by staying in there with her and singing her favorite soothing Primary songs. But when she was still awake 2 hours later, we ended up putting her down in her crib. Fail. By the third night we were both tired of the process and decided to have her tough it out a lil. Sadly, she cried at the door for almost an hour begging to come out... but happily, she found her way back to her bed, crawled in, and went to sleep til morning. After that, things have gotten better and better. The past two nights she barely even whimpered about it. I think she is starting to even be proud of herself for sleeping in a big girl bed. I know we are! And the best part is, she won't feel like the new baby is evicting her when that time comes!
Gwen in her 'big girl bed'

Most proud moment of last week, though, was when Gwen actually PEED in the big potty! She's been sitting on it every day for about 3 weeks, but only sits there for like 30 seconds then says "all done! I flush it?" and wants to get off again. Well, Friday, she requested to sit on the potty as usual... but then ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING while sitting there! We were proud parents, I tell you what, and had a royal celebration right there in the bathroom! She was really proud of herself too, kept saying "yay" and "I clapping!". Of course, she hasn't repeated the performance since then, but the success has given us new hope that it will happen when she really wants it to!
and just for funnies: in Gwen's bath on Saturday night she proclaimed "I poo-poo bubbles" before leaning back, looking between her legs, and ripping a huge one under water so that she could watch the bubbles come up! She's such a crack up!


  1. Very cute bed...she's getting to be such a big girl!

  2. Congratulations, Gwen!!! What big accomplishments!!

  3. poo poo bubbles! Glad Gwen bathes alone!

    Jacen loved his big boy bed, but Asher spent several nights crying before he got used to it.