Thursday, March 24, 2011

Can You Believe I'm 38 Weeks?

Well, I am. Today. Two weeks from today is my due date. I can hardly believe it. 2 weeks sounds like... any day... ya know? But, I am not predicting anything. I am prepared to go for a couple more weeks.
However, now that I've gotten both papers down to size (though it wouldn't hurt to come back in a few days and reread them just to have a fresh view), I feel comfortable with baby coming any time. After all, even if the papers aren't perfect, I know I can turn them in right now, as is, if necessary and still pull off at least an A- in both classes. And that takes all the stress and pressure off. I feel great. and relaxed.

and, lil girl, you officially have my permission to come any time you would like now. :)


  1. Wow I can't believe you're so close! You certainly don't look it! :) I love this picture of you. I really wish I could have made it to the conservatory with all you gals, and now I am especially sad because it looks awesome!

  2. and now, you must be so glad you took those last classes!!
    whoo hoo!
    I'm due in April as well. Bring on the babies!

  3. What an adorable pregnant picture!! haha, and I love the butterfly. Congrats on finishing those papers; whew! Now you can REALLY focus on the new little one coming so SOON! happy days!

  4. Wow. Truly any time. The last couple weeks are just a waiting game. I'm so glad that you are relaxed and feeling ready. Good job getting your papers all ready to go! Can't wait to pictures of the newest little Allan!

  5. I love this and love you! So happy for you, and glad you're feeling great about school work and the baby coming. What a blessing! Hooray!