Saturday, March 19, 2011


Despite how busy I am with school, I've absolutely needed some "me" time on the weekends to unwind. That has motivated me to go ahead and do some projects for fun:

  • Gwen's toddler bed blanket, not pictured.
  • A baby blanket for my newest niece, not yet arrived, but I figured I had better do it before OUR baby comes or our niece might not get it til Christmas! Anyway, a rag quilt that turned out super cute, much easier after having done Gwen's, and well within budget!
  • found a deal online for a free photo book (only paid shipping on a regularly 40 dollar book!) and had a blast going through summer 2010 photos and designing the book. It has already arrived and Gwen loves it! (probably not as much as I do, though!)
  • A coupon organizer, sewn with fabric I already had and labeled with paper I already completely free (unlike the cute ones available on Etsy) and WAY cuter than a cheapo plastic one that wouldn't have enough labels/divisions anyway! Now I can coupon in style AND be more efficient at the grocery store!
    • And lastly, making a magnetic church book/kit for Gwen for Easter. Since it isn't finished, I won't show pics yet. But it has actually been quite relaxing to sit and color every weekend while we watch a movie or something.
    And those are the fun things I've been working on!


    1. I can't believe how much you accomplish AND are doing the school thing. You are amazing!

      The quilt is very cute!

    2. awesome projects!! and I LOVE the blanket!

      for the coupon book, did you secure the dividers into the fabric at all? I'm assuming the dividers are the paper?